About Us

The first Express Vets clinic was founded in 2013 by Dr. Lyn and Kristen Lewis.  Having owned and operated traditional practices for over 15 years, the Lewis’ couldn’t help but notice the rising cost of veterinary care and the increasingly corporate approach to – what was once – a very personal service.  With an eye towards a better value and overall customer experience, the Lewis’ opened Express Vets.

Many veterinarians are equipping their hospitals with expensive surgical equipment, specialized diagnostic tools, and larger medical staffs.  With this, the cost of routine care has steadily increased to cover these expenses.  Unfortunately, pet owners with healthy pets are paying more.  Because Express Vets doesn’t have expensive surgical and diagnostic equipment, and our staff is specifically focused on more routine care, we are able to deliver a high quality service at unusually affordable prices. 

Express Vets offers routine care focused on helping dog and cat owners prevent their pets from getting diseases and parasites.  On those occasions when your pet does get sick, Express Vets can diagnose and treat just about every illness, including; eye; ear; skin conditions; and minor injuries.  For pets that suffer from chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, and allergies, Express Vets can manage these conditions as well.  Whether your pet is sick or healthy, Express Vets offers full lab work for preventative care, pre-anesthetic options, and in most cases, we have the staff and tools necessary to handle everything but the most unusual cases.  If there is a major medical issue or surgery needed, Express Vets can easy refer these cases to our local partner hospitals.

Unlike many clinics in the area, Express Vets is also conveniently located in your local grocery shopping center.  Express Vets provides a caring and professional staff, a clean and convenient environment, and remarkably affordable pricing. 

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